Job Positions

A Platform that Brings the World Together

FC2 is a global web service supported in 13 languages and boasts more than 25 million users. FC2 aims to not only provide great web content and sales services, but to also be a platform where users can freely share content and information while interacting with users from around the world.
We are looking for staff that will grow with us whilst further establishing FC2 as a brand and continue to expand upon the scale and quality of our services for our 25 million plus users.

Job satisfaction that only a large scale service could provide

FC2 enjoys more than 50 billion PV a month,
a peak bandwidth of 300 Gbps with more than 40 services provided globally.
With so much data supported in 13 languages, we require top-notch design and development.
You are sure to be kept busy, so why not challenge yourself with a very worthwhile job?

  • Number of Users
    25Million +
  • Monthly PV(※1)
    50Billion +
  • Global Access No. Ranking(※2)
  • Peak Bandwidth(※1)
  • Supported Languages
  • Services

(※1)Source: FC2 Internal Investigation (※2)Source: Alexa

Five Platforms and a Payment System

Each service has 5 categories that users can link and use consecutively to meet their needs.
Depending on the service, they can function as a sales platform to content providers,
we also provide our own independent payment system.
Your know-how and ideas will be put to use at FC2 to enhance our varied services.

  • Hosting

    Powerful services where users can
    independently broadcast their content.

  • Streaming

    Streaming services where users
    can share and stream videos.

  • SNS

    Entertainment service where users can
    interact with one another.

  • E-Commerce

    Services that support
    inter-user transactions.

  • Tools

    Services that help
    users to run their site.

  • Independent Payment

    Better quality features and services
    provided on premium services.

A Place Where Anyone Can Broadcast Freely

We have provided a place to broadcast information since we started our hosting based service in 1999, but we realized that while it's fun to look at content on the internet, it's even more fun to broadcast your own. We feel that users can come together by sharing and participating in the broadcasting of information and content, regardless of size. A system was developed where users can get value out of the content because we wanted users to enjoy the internet more. FC2 is made with user content. Ultimately, we are a platform that supports and nurtures our user's creativity and we hope to be able to create better systems that allow smoother information broadcasting and sharing. Join us to create better broadcasting outlets that will ignite our users' creativity.

Company Outline

Company Name FC2, Inc.
Address 4730 South Fort Apache Road Suite 300 Las Vegas,
Operations Domain sales, web hosting, application development
Representative DIANNA R TEMPLE
Established July, 1999